Confession: I’m going Brond.

Confession: I’m going Brond.

Brown and Blonde had a baby and named it Brond.

Brond is a combo of medium blond and brown that is unique to every individual that sports it. Depending on your base color and highlights, you could be a little brond or a lotta brond. It’s softer with easier upkeep and with most skin tones it  looks natural. It is much more customizable and easier to work with that barbie blonde and certainly gives you a little more time in between getting your roots done.

As far as celebs go, Jennifer Aniston, Lauren Conrad, and Jennifer Lopez all rock their Brond hair proudly. Below is a picture of Hilary Duff with shades of Brond.

The Do’s and Do Not’s of Mascara

The hunt for the perfect mascara will never end. Since the dawn of makeup woman have searched for long, lush, thick, dense, doe-eyed lashes not letting any dollar sign stand in their way. But do you really need to drop $30 on a good tube? And is there really an expiration date? What color is best for me?  Is there hope?!

In this blog post and the next we will answer some of your questions and next week review some of our staff’s favorite brands. Together we will find the perfect mascara.

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