Skin Treatments and Therapies

The “Cutis+Lux” Custom Facial

This facial is tailored for your present skincare needs. We will do a brief assessment to target the perfect treatment for you. Not all facials are created equal. The same goes for your skin at any given time.  This treatment specialized for your current skin needs could include high frequency, galvanic, deep brush exfoliation, peels, deep pore cleansing, peptides and anti-aging.

75 minutes starting at $120-$135 (includes extractions)
90 minutes starting at $145- $195 (includes extractions and hand/foot treatment)
*Buy a series of 3 and get your 4th treatment HALF OFF

 “Put Your Best Face Forward” Facial

We have all at times wanted to crawl under a rock and stay there due to blemishes and imperfections. We can get your skin back to harmony with this precision cleansing facial.  Extractions, deep pore cleansing, and rebalancing your pH to a joyful place-we will have you begging to get out and FACE the world again.

90 minutes starting at $135
*Buy a series of 3 and get your 4th HALF OFF

The Spirit Lift Face-lift

This treatment is the greatest anti-aging facial on the planet!  This instant, non-invasive “face-lift” drives in peptides and lipids to stimulate your own miraculous collagen and elastin production-this facial is aided by amino acids to lift, detox, feed, and tighten your beautiful face for immediate results. As your face defies gravity and lifts to the heavens so will your spirit.  Young, wild, and free…C’mon, soar pretty baby.

60 minutes starting at $135
90 minutes starting at  $155
*Buy any series of 3 and get the 4th HALF OFF

This Little Light of Mine” Facial

This treatment is perfect if you’re on the go and need a pick me up on the outside and a hug on the inside. Fun fact: hugs actually have been proven to raise hemoglobin (red blood cell protein) levels in our blood With a gentle cleansing and a peel or an enzyme pack, this facial will stimulate blood flow, and brighten your skin to a dewy glow.

30 minutes starting at $85

The Power Facial

When you’re making moves, and making big decisions sometimes life and nurturing escapes us. This treatment is quick and packed with a punch. The Power Facial will have you back in the power position before the end of the lunch hour.

30 minutes starting at $75

Candlelight Calm

We are divine beings-and our souls rejoice every chance we take to soothe, massage, soften the stressors of life away.  Come and have a facial/body treatment by candlelight. This EVENING appointment will prime you to relax and prepare you for sleep as your skin is prepped for revitalization, rejuvenation, and relaxation. Put your heart in a good light, candlelight that is, and you are sure to glow.

60 minutes starting at $125*Buy any series of 3 and get the 4th HALF OFF


Our light tends to shine a little less when what we are putting in our bodies slows us down. Starting from within is a sure-fire way to restore our vitality and energy. When our energy is rich, strong, and flowing-our skin, eyes and heart will reflect it. If you need a little guidance and direction with nutrition, supplementation, and just an overall overhaul we can sit down and get that mind, body, and diet glowing…not to mention your spirit will be soaring in the clouds.

60 minutes consultation starting at $125

*Nutrition programs/product/and personal training available upon request



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